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Data Collection (M/F)


02.12.2021 | Porto | Referência: 2023704



Data Collection (M/F)


In charge of carrying out and/or supporting compliance process (Onboarding KYB / KYC, Vetting KYB / KYC / EVA, CPN1, monitoring…)

"KYC" ("Know Your Customer") also includes the AML (Anti Money Laundering), KYB (Know Your Business), PEP (Politically Exposed Person), AB&C (Anti Bribery & Corruption) processes, Sanctions clauses and other compliance processes as prescribed at any time by the Bank's procedures in connection with the applicable regulations.

Main tasks and goals:

KYC / Periodic review

• Constantly follow the flow of periodic revisions in Client Pass on the assigned scope (mainly: Real Assets)

• Coordinate with the CKO (Front Office / Client Knowledge Owner) the prioritization of reviews (including closures if applicable) and the revalidation of penalty clauses in legal documentation

• As CMC (Client Management Coordinator): check the KYC risk level (low, medium, high); collect the information and documents required from the client, agent, electronic platform; interact with the CKO, CMO (PSC) and Compliance (Secfin) in order to obtain validation of the review on time

KYC / Event reviews

• When (upon notification from CKO / FO, Compliance / PSC or other) a change in circumstances requires a revalidation of the counterparty (change in shareholders, activity, regulatory regime, etc.), collect and record in Client Pass the required information and exchange with the client (if necessary), the CKO, the CMO and Compliance in order to quickly complete this one-off review

Anomalies resolution / CPN1 / Reporting

• Carry out a close follow-up of files whose validation was not carried out on time (and therefore classified as "temporarily refused" or "not examined"), with particular attention to active files

• Identify the reasons for these anomalies and take the necessary measures to resolve them: obtain and save missing documents, transfer the relationship to another business / platform, close accounts, close the relationship, request a waiver or authorization to manage in extinction, etc When necessary, seek the intervention of the CKO and / or Management in order to unblock the situation and find a solution

• Perform level 1 controls (CPN1) and participate in periodic control missions for the progress of reviews and resolution of anomalies; alerting to process inefficiencies / system problems and proposing improvements or corrections

Contacts & relations

• In the context of current activities:

• Clients, banks finance facility officers

• Front offices (DPM / ENR / RA) & their dedicated middle office

• Compliance, PSC, Legal

For any new client, upon Front Office request take part of the on boarding process as such :

- Enrich the request submitted by Front Officers into internal KYC solution called Client Pass to start the vetting process

- Ensure client outreach with the right KYC contact

- Based on Client Pass and integrated documentary matrix, identify the document and data to be collected

- Collect the required information first publicly (website, utilies) and in second step by reaching out the client trought the connection to Client Pass internal web portal or directly by contacting the client then store the information into Client Pass if not obtained by web portal

All along the process :

- Be in a position to support client in his understanding of our requirements and expectations and in his digital onboarding journey trough Client Pass web portal

- Support Front Office in the overall process and give visibility if needed

- Rely on internal dashboard to identify the tasks to be performed and follow up the ongoing requests

- Interact with Operations and Compliance team to ensure case is progressing, for main hub but also secondary hub in case of shared clients

- Liase with Client Pass support team for any blocking issues in the system

- Be able to identify priorities

- Be reactive when cases are referred back

- Escalate when case is blocked

- Be able to provide high level of services for specific clients

- Identify any area of improvement which could make the process improved

- Participate to Client Pass enhancement and Client Pass Champion community

Preferred educational background or University/School:

Junior Profile

• Degree in Finance

• 3+ years of work experience, ideally in a financial institution

• Knowledge of KYC (AML, KYC, ABC, MIDIF, …) processes and policy

• Responsiveness

• Results driven

• Team spirit

• Relationship and communication skills

• Advanced knowledge of Microsoft 365 (Teams, Sharepoint, etc.), Good PowerPoint skills

Senior Profile

• Advanced degree in Finance

• 7+ year work experience, ideally in a financial institution

• Ability to interact with all levels of the organization, including Senior Management

• Advanced knowledge of KYC (AML, KYC, ABC, MIDIF, …) processes and policy

• Responsiveness

• Results driven

• Team spirit

• Relationship and communication skills

• Advanced knowledge of Microsoft 365 (Teams, Sharepoint, etc.), Good PowerPoint skills

Requeried Experience:

- Financial Institutions experience

- Knowledge of KYC (AML, KYC, ABC, MIDIF, …) processes and policy

- Good understanding of Excell

Required language skills:

- Fluent Level of French

- Good Knowledge of English